Pokemon GO Munna – Location And Everything You NEED To Know!

Pokemon Go is a very popular game. One of the reasons it is so popular is the fact that the developers are listening to gamers and often give them what they want. That is precisely the case with the game’s newest update that introduces a new character! Let’s see what the new Pokemon addition is.

Pokemon Go will soon be introducing a Psychic-type Pokemon from Generation V – The adorable Munna, which will likely be introduced during the Valentine’s Day Event. The Dream Pokemon will feature an evolution to its advanced form that needs a different method and items on top of the mandatory candies.

Pokemon GO will be introducing the new Pokemon from the Unova region, which is one of the expected introductions to the title.

Munna is a very popular Psychic-type that has multiple appearances in the original anime series and the “Pokemon Sword and Shield” game as a dream eater.

Pokemon Fandom says that Muna is a quadrupedal, tapir-like Pokemon that floats around with a round pink body and purple flowers.

The character has a small trunk, nearly indistinguishable opening that bursts dream-inducing purple mist, which manifests its power. Additionally, Munna is an advances Psychic-type that can evolve to Murashna.

Screen Rant reported that Munna has just been introduced for grabs in the game for some players in particular regions. The character is introduced in small steps, so a wideout release will likely follow.

Finding Munna can be tricky. It can be found by following one of the three main methods in Pokemon Go.

First, you can explore the wildlands and have the character spawn nearby yourself as you go on travelling and visiting PokeStops, which is one of the quickest ways to locate the Dream eater.

Pokemon Go developers may have improved the chance of it appearing during the Valentine’s Day event, so you should act quickly and benefit from that increased chance while the boost is still active.

The second method implies hatching 5KM eggs with the Incubator. That is also an excellent method to get multiple candies for Pokemon. Candies can be used to evolve Munna into Murashna. You need a total of 50 candies to do that.

Finally, the last option is hunting gyms for Raid Battles, especially those whose eggs aren’t yet hatched. Pokemon Go could be introducing Munna as a mystery for Raids, but the character would probably appear there to gather multiple players into catching it.

You can evolve Munna into Murashna at the cost of 50 Munna Candies and Unova Stone, which is relatively difficult to obtain. Though Munna may be hard to spot in the wild and hard to catch at times, players would have to use Pinap Berries to increase the number of candies when caught.

However, special stones like the Unova can be obtained by completing Research with the Professor, especially with the weekly rewards.

We are delighted that the developers introduced Munna, as it is a lovely addition to the game. Niantic takes good care of Pokemon Go, and it shows. They give players new content every now and then, making the game feel fresh, so gamers don’t get bored. It’s impressive that the game still has so many active users many years after being released.

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